Private Dining and Special Celebrations at Kilworth House Hotel in Leicestershire

Nestled in the rolling countryside, Kilworth House Hotel stands as the quintessential venue for special occasions in Leicestershire. Whether you're looking for the perfect venue for birthday celebrations, special anniversaries or just to get the family together, Kilworth House Hotel is the ideal location. 

Birthday Celebrations at Kilworth House Hotel in Leicestershire 

For those seeking an extraordinary birthday celebration, Kilworth House Hotel transforms each moment into a masterpiece. Picture an intimate gathering in one of our private dining rooms, like the enchanting Wordsworth or Library where the ambience echoes with laughter and the clinking of glasses. Your birthday will be elevated to new heights, as the culinary team crafts a delicious menu that caters to your every taste. It's not just a birthday; it's a symphony of flavours and joy that only Kilworth House Hotel can orchestrate.

Perfect Anniversary Celebration Venue

Anniversary celebrations at Kilworth House Hotel are an ode to enduring love and cherished memories. Our Leicestershire haven becomes a canvas for romance, where the atmosphere is infused with a blend of history and contemporary luxury. Imagine toasting to years of togetherness in the Library, surrounded by timeless elegance and the warmth of your closest friends and family. Kilworth House becomes not just a venue, but a testament to enduring love. Your anniversary celebration here is not just an event; it's a love story celebrated in style, making Kilworth House Hotel the go-to anniversary venue in Leicestershire.

Luxury Private Dining in Leicestershire

At Kilworth House Hotel, the private dining experience is unparalleled. The Wordsworth, with its classic charm, provides an intimate setting for birthday gatherings, while the Library exudes sophistication for those seeking an ambience of refined elegance. The warmth of the Shakespeare room invites you to revel in a feast of flavours. For a more relaxed and rustic affair, The Staging Post, with its scenic views and log cabin charm, is perfect for a more laid-back celebration in the grounds of the estate. Private dining with us is not just a meal; it's an immersion into a world where culinary artistry meets unparalleled hospitality, making Kilworth House Hotel the ultimate private dining venue in Leicestershire.

Book your Special Occasion at Kilworth House Hostel

Kilworth House Hotel isn't just a venue; it's a place where magical memories are made to last a lifetime. Nestled in the heart of rural Leicestershire, Kilworth House Hotel stands as the epitome of elegance and warmth. From the grandeur of the Library to the intimate allure of the Wordsworth room, each room tells a unique story, and every celebration is a chapter etched into Kilworth’s history. 

So, whether you're toasting another year or celebrating a milestone, Kilworth House Hotel is the perfect location for celebrations of life's grandest moments. Contact us to book today and let Kilworth House Hotel be the backdrop to your next extraordinary celebration in Leicestershire.

Room Details

Our bedrooms can accommodate a maximum of 2 adults. For families we have interconnecting rooms and also some bedrooms which can accommodate Z beds and cots.

To book additional beds, please call the hotel on 01858 880058