Environmental Policy

Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre and the Environment

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre understand the importance of caring for the environment, and are constantly working towards ‘best practice’ in all areas at the hotel. The Hotel & Theatre have a designated ‘Green Team’ comprising of representatives across all departments within the hotel.

An Environmental/Green Policy has been created for the Hotel & Theatre which all employees and guests are made aware of. We understand that all departments must work closely together, coordinating their efforts in a bid to reduce our energy consumption and waste. These environmental aims and measures have also been included in our staff induction programme to all new members of staff.

Throughout the hotel all employees are now trained to ensure that during their shift, the lights, equipment and taps are turned off when not in use. The hotel’s Maintenance Department has also made great progress in changing all light bulbs within the hotel, to those that are energy saving where possible, in addition to reusing materials/resources where possible.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre is taking great steps to become a more environmentally aware business, and encourages its employees and suppliers to do the same.

The Green Team have worked to the guidelines set out by the Green Tourism Business Scheme and are pleased to have been awarded a SILVER grading from the association for its commitment to the environment.

Some comments from the qualified assessor from the Association were:

“Waste production has been efficiently monitored and considerable reductions of waste to landfill have been achieved”

“The hotel makes good use of the cardboard baler and also bought a glass crusher to reduce the volume of recycled materials”

“The hotel grounds are a haven for wildlife – with a sustainable approach to forest management in place”

Kilworth House Hotel and Theatre Green Policy

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre recognises that our work may have a direct or indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment. We are committed to reducing any harmful effects on the environment and in working with reputable associations, we aim to understand, follow and implement best environmental practice where possible. We encourage our employees, suppliers and guests to be environmentally aware through initiatives such as recycling and energy efficiency.

Our goal is to prevent landfill waste and improve recycling, by reviewing how supplies and equipment are purchased, packaged, delivered, used, and disposed of, whilst complying with all applicable environmental legislation.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre has a ‘Green Team’, who are responsible for moving forward with the on going action plan for company.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will concentrate on the following areas:

Waste Reduction

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will endeavour to reduce the amount of waste generated by reusing and recycling. The Hotel have set a target to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill to 30% of total waste created, by December 2009.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will:

  • Reduce industrial waste by eliminating 2 of the large industrial waste bins – leaving only 1 on site – Thus reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill
  • Recycle all bar glass bottles/broken glass – using the Glass Crusher
  • Recycle all waste paper – providing recycling boxes in all departments/offices
  • Recycle all cardboard and packaging – made possible through purchasing a cardboard baler
  • Recycle all printer cartridges – to be collected by local nominated charity
  • Operate a ‘Think before you Print’ Campaign in all areas of the business
  • Recycle all stamps from incoming mail and send these to the RSPB
  • Recycle all tins, cans and aluminium
  • Recycle all plastics and packaging in the designated bins
  • Use all bio degradable kitchen and garden waste to produce our own compost for the vegetable garden
  • Use water butts for the collection of rain water to water the garden and indoor plants.
  • To educate and train all members of staff in environmental issues and in good working practices in order to create an energy efficient and environmentally aware working culture.


Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will endeavour to take into account the environmental factors involved in production, use and disposal of the product.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will:

  • When purchasing analyse whether a new product is essential
  • Where possible, source food from local suppliers
  • Avoid purchasing products with unnecessary packaging
  • Obtain all CSR policies from Suppliers

Energy and water saving

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will endeavour to consider all resources and aim to reduce energy consumption by 10% by December 2009.

Kilworth House & Hotel will:

  • Where possible use energy efficient light bulbs, lower heating temperatures and turn off lights in unoccupied rooms
  • Fit all radiators with adjustable controls
  • Ensure that all PC’s are switched off when not in use
  • Ensure that daily checks are carried out on taps, pipes and toilets.
  • Follow guidelines/advice set down by the GTBS and The Carbon Trust


Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will endeavour to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions by encouraging the application of sustainable principles to traveling and arranging meetings. We aim to encourage 20% of the staff to opt into a car share scheme.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will:

  • Where possible promote public transport, cycling or walking as the preferred form of transport for staff and volunteers;
  • Promote staff car sharing schemes
  • Offer work from home options if appropriate

Hygiene, health and safety

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will acknowledge the worker’s need for an acceptable working environment and will implement greener practices wherever possible.

Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre will:

  • Adapt a No Smoking Policy in the Hotel & Theatre complex
  • Offer a staff relaxation area with shower facilities

Guests of Kilworth House & Theatre

As a guest at Kilworth House Hotel & Theatre we hope that you too would take a little time to think about the environment during your stay and help us maintain our commitment to our Green Policy.

Some simple measures to help us with our continued efforts could be:

  • Turn off lights or electrical items in your bedroom when not in use
  • Consider the usage of your towels during your stay
  • Allow us to recycle any newspapers that may no longer be required
  • Avoid dripping taps
  • Adhering to our No Smoking Policy in the Hotel & Grounds


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