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Kilworth House Hotel offers you a choice of three beautiful reception rooms, all leading off from the magnificent
Reception Hall - a reading room, a drawing room and a lounge, known respectively as the Blake Room, the Davies Room
and the Goldsmith Room.

All three have been painstakingly restored with a genuine affection for the period to which they belong, with antique furniture bringing them to life. They exude the same grandeur that made them the backdrop to countless social gatherings during Kilworth House's many years as a private residence.

Here you can share a bottle of wine with friends, relax with a cup of coffee and a newspaper, or gaze out to distant fields through the Victorian windows. Or perhaps you would prefer to curl up with a good book and a fine
old Cognac, as generations of Kilworth House residents have done before you.

Wi-fi access is now available complimentary to all guests and vistors throughout the hotel and its grounds.

The Blake Room

The Blake Room offers the perfect location to relax and read a book whilst taking in the restful ambience of Kilworth House. Rich green striped wallpaper, large brown leather sofas and an imposing marble fireplace provide the perfect environment for a small gathering, a place to write to family and friends or simply to enjoy an after-dinner digestif.

The pictures hanging on the walls provoke many a conversation, from the farrier to the gentleman poised on his library steps, one book held between his knees as he selects the next!

The Davies Room

The Davies Room is one of two spacious lounges for guests to relax
and meet with friends, business colleagues or even simply reflect on the day's events. Looking out over the terrace flower beds and across
open countryside, it remains very much in the centre of the Hotel itself.

The sumptuous furniture, complemented by rich furnishings, ornate fireside screens and large mirrors, make this a very popular area throughout the day.

The Goldsmith Room

The Goldsmith Room is one of two spacious lounges for our guests to enjoy. Contiguous with the Davies Room, it is separated by two large mahogany doors. Entering the room at the foot of the main staircase, this imposing lounge overlooks the rolling parkland and terrace flower beds as well as providing glimpses of the Terrace and Victorian Orangery beyond.

Two large sofas beside the white marble fireplace are often the most sought after place after dinner. Whatever the time of day, you will find fellow guests relaxing in The Goldsmith Room, perhaps enjoying afternoon tea,
a pre-dinner drink, or even perusing a book or daily newspaper.

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Complimentary Wi-fi access
at Kilworth House

Wi-Fi Access is now available complimentary to all guests and visitors throughout the hotel and its grounds. Enjoy free internet access across all public rooms and bedrooms, hotel grounds and conference rooms. Whether you enjoy browsing the web with a coffee and newspaper
in one of our reception rooms, require internet on the go via your smartphone or a necessity for a business meeting, we have the
hotel and grounds covered.